Going through a divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating. To ensure the best possible outcome, hiring a divorce lawyer in Chesapeake, VA is crucial. 

Let Our Experienced Chesapeake Divorce Lawyer Be Your Guide

At Aloupas Law, we understand how challenging divorce can be. Our extensive experience with divorce cases enables us to work diligently with you to defuse potential fears and animosity, leading to a favorable resolution for both you and your children. We employ various alternate dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law approaches, to achieve an outcome that satisfies your needs.

Comprehensive Divorce Services

We offer assistance with various divorce-related issues, including alimony, contested divorce, high-conflict custody disputes, characterization of assets, income tracing, protective orders, domestic violence, hiding or wasting of marital assets, high-asset divorce, military divorce, division of businesses, valuation of businesses, marital agreements, uncontested divorce, child support, parenting plans, child custody, and equitable division of marital assets.

Effective Court Representation

Our Chesapeake divorce lawyer creates a supportive environment to alleviate your fears and guide your case toward a positive future. Lu Aloupas will ensure that you receive proper representation. In family disputes, there are no winners, but we strive to minimize losses during the divorce process.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

We prioritize amicable settlements whenever possible to reduce costs and stress. However, in cases where reaching such a solution is impossible, we carefully listen to your concerns and devise strategies to achieve the favorable outcome you desire. While litigation may be necessary in certain situations, we aim to minimize associated losses, especially in cases involving substance abuse, adultery, bodily harm, or child abuse.