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Do Spousal Support Payments Apply to Your Situation?

Spousal support, often referred to as alimony or maintenance, involves one spouse providing financial support to the other after a divorce or separation. The primary purpose of spousal support in Virginia is to provide financial assistance to a spouse who may be unable to support themselves adequately based on factors such as economic disparity, earning capacity, and financial need.

Virginia recognizes three main types of spousal support:

Permanent. This involves ongoing financial support paid by one spouse to the other until certain conditions are met, such as remarriage, death of either party, or a court order terminating support.

Temporary. Also known as pendente lite support, this is temporary financial support provided to a spouse during the divorce proceedings to maintain their standard of living until the divorce is finalized.

Rehabilitative. This type of support is aimed at assisting a spouse in becoming self-supporting within a reasonable period. It may be awarded to help the recipient spouse acquire education, job training, or skills to reenter the workforce.

When determining whether to award spousal support and the amount, Virginia courts consider various factors, including:

Each spouse's financial resources and income

Duration of the marriage

Age and physical or mental condition of each spouse

Standard of living established during the marriage

Contributions, both financial and non-financial, to the marriage

Earning capacity and potential employability of each spouse

Contributions as a homemaker and parent

Property and debts of each spouse

Any existing agreements or arrangements between the spouses

Spousal support orders in Virginia may be modified or terminated upon a significant change in circumstances, such as a change in income or financial need. Certain events, such as the recipient spouse's remarriage or the death of either party, may also lead to the termination of spousal support.

It can be hard to think clearly in the midst of a divorce. It is important that you get the perspective of an outsider who can see the big picture. If spousal support is on the table in your divorce, it is essential that you get the advice of an attorney before signing an agreement.

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