Attorney Aloupas is awesome, amazing, attentitive; she is an A-1 attorney! Stepping in as my attorney for a custody case where the judge had ruled in my favor and now was being appealed, in my opinion was akin to opening a can-of-worms.

My case was bizarre in that one exactly like mine, did not exist. It was amazing how she spent hours upon hours performing research to build a strong defense for my case.

Attorney Aloupas method of billing is very professional and I found the costs to be extremely reasonable. Additionally, during each court proceeding a professional court reporter was retained.

Watching Attorney Aloupas argue my case, questioning the opponents, jotting down notes, and literally shutting them down during cross-examining, was a type of reassurance for me that “all would be well”.

At the conclusion, rather than the judge making a ruling, he requested that each counsel provide their “written” aguments. Here again Attorney Aloupas, went beyond the call of duty by putting the many hours of research and aguments into writing. Another amazing task that was well done!

Within weeks Attorney Aloupas firm received a certified letter from the court, signed by the judge – he ruled in my favor – we WON!!!! I highly recommend the Aloupas Law Firm if you are looking for expertise as well as professionalism!