Lu Aloupas is an extraordinary lawyer.

I had an issue with a neighbor who asked the court to grant a Protective Order against me.

I was innocent, but I did not have the knowledge to fight this on my own.

Based on online reviews, I decided to call The Law Offices 0f Lu Aloupas. This is the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

In our first phone call she patiently listened to my jumbled story (I was nervous) and then advised me what to do immediately. She then asked if I would like to come to her office (she has offices in Hampton and Chesapeake) and because she sounded so knowledgeable (and calm) I agreed.

When I met her in the Hampton office we went through the basics of the case and then she asked if I would like to retain her services. We discussed the price, and I agreed. Here is my opinion about the cost. Of course I think that lawyers make waaaay to much money. But as I found out, if you don’t hire a lawyer, you will be overwhelmed by the system, and by stress. Her prices are fair. There might be a cheaper lawyer, and I know there are more expensive lawyers, but her value in my case totally justified the cost.

My case was heard at the York County Circuit Court. On the date of the court hearing we met before the scheduled time and she explained exactly what would happen. She said “I know you are nervous, but stay as calm as you can.” I thought that’s easy for her to say. She told me to not be surprised if the other party changes his story, it happens all the time. She said not to react to this, that she would handle it. Just listening to her gave me confidence and remarkably, I was less nervous.

From the beginning the outcome never seemed to be in doubt. The other party represented himself (huge mistake) and Lu was like a TV lawyer. You honor “Motion to Separate”, objection your honor “Relevance”, Move to Strike Your Honor “Hearsay”. The Judge sided with Lu every time. The Judge dismissed the request for a protective order against me and restored all my rights. I was like someone lifted a building off my shoulders.

You might have heard the saying that nobody likes lawyers until you need one. I can personally testify that if you are involved in any legal action you need a lawyer.

And if you need a great lawyer, at a fair price, I can, without reservation or hesitation, recommend Ms. Lu Aloupas, Esquire.