My wife and I have both retained Lu after previous struggles with other firms and she has ALWAYS come through for us no matter what the issue. When others say it can’t be done she not only says it can but MAKES it happen promptly! It’s an incredible sight! like a tsunami she obliterates all in her path. She has overturned two custody cases for us and fought back two separate bogus landlord disputes on our behalf and handled any issue that’s come up with ZERO losses… We will continue to retain her as our family attorney solely, indefinitely. Lu is very ‘to the point’ yet completely understanding and caring. She will guide through every issue and help attain the clarity needed to push through and fight in the hardest of times when all seems lost. She is very resourceful and keeps costs too a minimum unless absolutely necessary. She not only is a great attorney and powerful ally but a family friend. It is so worth retaining Lu Aloupas for any matter big or small.